I started reading Sean Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and while I’m far from being a teen, I find it pretty interesting. Tonight I read about paradigms, which are perceptions of how we see things from our point of view. It took me to a time in which I was much younger and had a negative view of myself, which brought so much misery around me. It wasn’t until I started changing  the way I saw myself that my life started to get on track.

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The idea of having family is great, until you realize what this consists of. It’s easy to say you’re family, but the truth is that there is nothing simple about it. We can go around saying so and so is our cousin, brother, sister, or whatever they are to you, but it’s all lip service unless you actually are there — for the good and the bad times, the celebrations and the regular days.

I’ve always been envious of big families that are together all the time. I’m not talking about getting together for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but family that actually come over for dinner on a Tuesday, goes to the movies together, sits around and gossips to one another. The people that are there everyday, regardless if it is a special occasion or not. These people understand that being family means being present. Being there is more important than buying me a birthday present or sending me a card. Be there for me and I’ll be there for you. It works both ways.

Taking the time to include someone in your life means making sacrifices at times and putting some effort towards these so called “loved ones” that you call family. Yes, I’m talking to you! Pick up the phone and tell me what’s going on. Invite me over. Come over. Make time for me.

If you don’t make that effort, how can we call each other family? Family, it’s just a word until you make it mean more.

Food Journaling is a Snap


I came across a cool app, Two Grand, that’s similar to Instagram, but it’s a food journal. Trying to lose weight has not been easy, but writing down what I eat was helpful – when I did it.

Now I can keep track of what I’m eating, like tonight’s dinner…


Or even post what I shouldn’t be eating/drinking…


Regardless of whether I should be eating it or not, now I can snap a pic of what I’m consuming and visually see what I’m stuffing in my mouth all day and start to make some changes.  Wish me luck!

Ben Camberos

Came across this guy’s web site. I love his style.

Doodle Bear

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It all started with the sheese…

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