The finale was not what I expected, but to be honest this last season was weak. I love the show, but since the beginning of this season it really hasn't lived up to the last eight seasons. I hung on till the end hoping that these final episodes were building up to something really good, but nothing…

If anything, I can say that it mimics real life in the way that things don't work out the way you want them to, the good times don't last forever, and change is just part of life whether we want it to come or not. BUT…this wasn't real life, it could of been done better. A major disappointment…


Blogsy App Purchased Today

There was a time in the past where I had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of spending money to download a song. It made no sense to me — spending money on a song without having anything to actually hold or touch. Coming from a world filled with cassettes, albums, and CDs it perplexed me how anyone would give their hard-earned cash for nothing; no cassette sleeve to read or album cover to look at.

It took a long time and I’m, once again, late to the party, but I’ve arrived. My online playground is filled with thousands of downloaded songs, movies, and apps. This month alone I’ve probably spent more than I should have on apps, including Blogsy, which I just bought. The reason for this post.

I have WordPress on my iPad, but it sucks. Blogsy makes me want to blog on my iPad. Great app. It’s simple to add a link or image and allows me to focus on the post rather than figuring out how to do things.

Adding a picture because Blogsy makes it so easy…

Jessica’s softball game today.



Back in a Few, Out Driving

I found myself driving through a neighborhood from my past. I got the sudden urge to pass through my old stomping grounds as a young teenager. I rolled by a good friends home and reminisced the days we sat on the front steps, yet other kids sat there today. I didn’t recognize any of them. The old corner store that sold us cigarettes, regardless of our age, was now a bakery. It didn’t look the same. The 24 hour donut shop that we’d hang out at eating free pastries was still there, but the owners were different. The park bench where I kissed a girl, gone. The park didn’t even look the same. They put in new  playground for the kids, which is good thing, I guess.

I felt like a stranger in what used to be called home.  I was disconnected, the ties were severed, and I felt sorrow. The fact that the memories seemed so close, yet they were far away — The fact that everywhere I looked had a story that seemed to be fading, saddened me — The fact that the people I couldn’t live without from this place were not part of my life anymore, confused me.

The emotions took over and then I smiled. I went home.

It all started with the sheese…

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